About Me

Every since I was 4 years old and I brought a teddy bear character to life I knew I wanted to be an illustrator!

I specialize in visual education and my favorite projects assist k12 print, kid-centric, EdTech, and educational designers to help students use their imaginations, adapt to problems, and increase empathy through illustration, design, and animation.


I love creating memorable characters, illustrations, designs and animations. I have created projects for the educational market, magazine, picture books, workbooks, posters, murals, and web graphics. I have also designed UI elements for animations, games, websites, and elearning modules.


I also specialize in whiteboard animation. This is a friendly way to educate your audience. I also create elements, 2D animations, animated GIFs, storyboards, and concept art for other animators and designers.


All of my illustrations are created digitally using Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop. I use InDesign and Illustrator for design. Animations are done in VideoScribe, Adobe Animate, or Photoshop.

I make my home in Utah with my husband, children, and grandkiddos.

Some Amazing Companies I Have Worked With


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In Conjuction With

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